Cannabis extract services is available to ACMPR patients in the Calgary and surrounding area. These services will involve altering your personal dry cannabis, purchased from a Licensed Producer, into one of the following products:

1. Concentrated Oils:

  • Can be vaped, dabbed or ingested orally.
  • Extracted using supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2).
  • Provided in oral 1ml syringes.Two kinds of concentrated oils will be offered:Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) aka Phoenix Tears (
    A dark coloured potent cannabis extract with the consistency of a thick molasses and a strong cannabis taste.

High Terpene Oil
An amber coloured potent cannabis extract with a honey-like consistency and due to a higher terpene content, it’s a better tasting product.

2. Coconut Oil

  • Equivalency factor: 300mg/ml
  • To be ingested orally.
  • Made with organic extra virgin coconut oil which masks the strong taste of cannabis.


Dry Cannabis Yield
15 grams 50ml
20 grams 67ml
25 grams 84ml
30 grams 100ml


3. Topicals – available in CREAM or OINTMENT

  • 50% concentration (1:1)
  • Equivalency factor: 500mg/gram


Dry Cannabis Yield
15 grams 30 grams
20 grams 40 grams
25 grams 50 grams
30 grams 60 grams